Pregnant Halloween Costume Idea

You can always have fun with what you wear for a costume during Halloween. Whatever your situation is, there are creative ways that you can got to a party and not feel so out-of-place. Even for those who are expecting. If you’re preggo and looking for a last-minute Halloween idea that can work for you, here’s a fun one!

Pregnant Halloween Costume Idea 1

Learn how to make it at The PharMa.

We are always looking for craft projects that use as little materials as possible. So if you have a plain black shirt and pants, you just need a fabric paint to make this costume. Tell us. What costume will you go this Halloween?

White Fabric Paint

DIY Spiderweb Halloween Hair Accessory

Don’t miss this Halloween because you don’t want to wear a costume. There are always tons of ways that you can celebrate this event without having to go through the tedious process of making your own elaborate costume. You can never go wrong with black on this holiday. And add an easy-to-make accessory to go with it.

DIY Spiderweb Halloween Hair Accessory

Visit Delia Creates for the full tutorial.

Aside from its simplicity, we also love that this craft only needs few materials. A black headband, wire, and some wire cuter and you have a good costume. Have you made your own accessory before? You can get this kit or read this book.

Gauge Black Wire

Online Jewelry Making Classes

DIY Pop Art Girl Halloween Costume

If you’re invited to a Halloween party where you are “obligated” to dress up, and you have no idea what costume to wear, go as a pop art girl. You don’t have to make a costume. You just have to wear that “popart look” through makeup.

DIY Pop Art Girl Halloween Costume

Read the full details at Vanilla and Velvet.

If you’re too lazy to do the makeup, you can just buy a headdress. And don’t forget one for your baby too! Hey, you can always have fun with it. After all you’re going to a party.

Infant Monster Costume






Cheap and Easy Way Zombie Makeup

World War Z, Resident Evil, Z Nation, and, of course, The Walking Dead. All of these Zombie movies and TV series are so popular right now you’d wonder what it would be like living in a post-apocalyptic world with the undead roaming around. But really, we don’t want that. So we’ll just content ourselves with dressing up like one for Halloween. Let’s start with creating that rotting wound effects that will go along with your costume.

Cheap and Easy Way Zombie Make Up

Makeup tutorial is at Makeup Blossom.

Creepy, isn’t it? It’s the perfect Halloween costume! Just prepare your lash glue and makeup and start practicing. You could this kit if you want a complete makeup set.

Zombie Makeup Kit