Crochet Cowled Sweater Vest

If you’re tired of spending money trying to keep up with all the fall and winter fashion, crocheting your own outfit is the best option. You get to create your own design, you are guaranteed that it fits you well, and you get to save money. You remain warm while still looking fashionable. Here’s one crochet sweater vest pattern that you can do that will help your chilly season seem appealing.

Crochet Cowled Sweater Vest

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This is a fun hobby that you can do as you prepare for the cold days ahead. And imagine all the fun things you can do as well like scarf, beanies, cowl, mittens and much more! If you are looking for more patterns, we suggest this crochet book. Ready your crochet needles, and yarns and start crafting! Have fun!

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DIY Tassel Earrings

With the right jewelry, you need not to make too much of a statement with the rest of your outfit. You can let your accessory do all the talking for you. The best way to make sure that you will be wearing a design that suits you and your personality is to make one yourself. And it’s easy! You just have to know where to look and find the right inspiration.

DIY Tassel Earrings

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There are so much jewelries and accessories you can make with the right tool. Using polymer clay is one of most versatile and tassels make it more fun! You can check this book out when you want to know more jewelry-making ideas. Have fun crafting!

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Crochet Purse DIY

The fun doesn’t end when you’ve started learning how to crochet. You have the chance to create something beautiful and unique. You can create something for yourself or as a present, such as cowls, beanies, amigurumis, and many more. You can even make your own purses. Why spend a lot of money on branded ones when you can easily make your own, design it your way, and save a lot, too. If you are looking for a purse crochet pattern to try, check out this amazing blog with easy-to-follow tutorials.

Crochet Purse DIY

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There is so much more things you can do. Learning how to crochet is not that hard. Check out this crochet book for beginners if you want to learn more. Don’t forget to get the right crochet tools and yarns for the job. Have fun crafting!

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Hem a Dress – No Sewing Needed

Sometimes, there is no one size fits all. It can be tough going through all of the choices, wasting a lot of your time, when in the end, nothing fits you anyway. And the one that you really liked, and well within your budget, ends up being too long anyway. You always have the option to hem it. But if you think you have zero sewing skills, here’s one trick that can work for you.

Hem a Dress - No Sewing Needed

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It’s summer and it’s the perfect season to wear maxi dresses. And when you find that some of these dresses need hemming, hem tape can do the job for you. We just love that there’s no sewing required for those who doesn’t have a sewing machine, no sewing talent, or just simply don’t have the time at all. Easy! Have fun crafting!

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