DIY Maleficent Staff

Halloween is just a few days ahead. Are you excited? Are your kids excited for the Halloween costume party or to go trick-or-treating? Two of the most popular characters this Halloween are from Frozen or Maleficent. And if you have a little girl who prefers to be the enchanting queen of the fairies, then you have prepared a costume as Maleficent. Of course, you would want to avoid spending way too much for the outfit. And don’t let them leave your home without a staff. So if you are looking for an inexpensive way on how to make the Maleficent staff, here’s a cheap and easy way to do it.

DIY Maleficent Staff

Learn how this is made at Northstory.

If you know how to look and be creative, you won’t have to spend a lot of money for a Halloween costume. You can always use materials that you can find in your own home. Have fun!

Maleficent Fairy Wings

Halloween Kids Activity – Typographic Glitter Tattoos

Having a Halloween party is sure a lot of fun! You get to prepare some real nice food, decorate creepy stuff, and plan enjoyable activities for kids. One interesting craft you can do is make a tattoo booth. And since children love sparkly stuff, you can have a glitter tattoo booth!

Halloween Kids Activity - Typographic Glitter Tattoos

Read full instructions at Minted Strawberry.

You can get your glitter tattoo kit here and let the kids tattooed before they head out to go trick or treating.

Halloween glitter tattoo kit

Super Quick and Easy Halloween Costume Idea – Where’s Waldo

Need a quick Halloween costume idea for your infant, toddler, teen or even for an adult? Here’s something that you can do in just less than an hour. Where’s Waldo?! And we just love it. We love it even more that only a few materials are needed. This will definitely save you a lot of time, especially when you have a lot on your mind.

Super Quick and Easy Halloween Costume Idea - Where's Waldo

Read how to make it at Make It and Love It.

It’s so fun what you can do with a fleece and glasses.

Red Fleece

DIY Easy Batty Hairpins

Need a accessory to go with your costume this Halloween? We found this hairpin tutorial that is so easy to make and doesn’t cost a lot as well. And since Halloween is already in the air (everybody’s sewing and trying their costumes, Halloween decorations everywhere), you can wear this accessory even for a nice day out.

DIY Easy Batty Hairpins

Learn how to make it at A Nest for All Seasons.

Making use of plastic bat rings are so creative! Excited to make your own Halloween accessory? You can start with jewelry kit or get an online class to help you get started.

Plastic Bat Rings

Online Jewelry Making Classes