Cozy Knitted Scarf/Cowl

One of the perfect crafts that you can do this winter is a scarf or a cowl. Now that it’s getting chilly, we want to protect and keep our body warm. And of course, we want something cozy and trendy accessory for the winter. When you found that perfect yarn, you just want to sit down and start knitting.

Cozy Knitted Scarf/Cowl

Get the full pattern at Lady by the Bay.

We love the ribbed pattern of this design. You can learn more about knitting with the help of this knitting guide book or enroll in a knitting class. Get your knitting needles ready and let’s start.

How to Knit: Beginners guide to Knitting

Cute and Easy Anna & Elsa Crochet Hats

It’s no secret that making your own crafts, accessories, or any projects save you money. They made a lovely personalized gift. Most of the time, you are also guaranteed that you made a one-of-a-kind creation, especially making a custom-made gift for kids. And since we have a feeling that the Frozen fever is here to stay for a while, these Anna and Elsa crochet hats are projects that you can do. You’ll have the perfect Christmas present for your daughter, younger sister, or niece .

DIY Anna & Elsa Crochet Hats

Find out how to make it at Rick a Bam Boo.

If you are new to crocheting, don’t be intimidated. You can get started easily with the help of this book. Enroll in an online class as well.

101 Crochet Projects

DIY Crochet Mittens

Whether they are already pile of snow outside your house or not, you might already feel that it’s getting cold. Like really really cold. When you go outside, you need to keep your hands warm with a hand warmer or mittens! And we believe that the cutest ones are always that ones you made yourself. You can make fashionable, stylish and practical fingerless mittens for this winter.

DIY Crochet Mittens

Learn how at All About Ami.

These are really cozy mittens and we are excited to make one of these. This textured yarn seems to be the perfect yarn for the job. Grab your crochet kit and let’s start crocheting.

Crochet Kit

Easy-to-Make Necklace

We like things that are simple. We link things that are easy. And most of all, we like things that are inexpensive. Just like with accessories. We know that those we find at the stores can cost a lot. It doesn’t have to be costly to be trendy or to be fashionable. The simple solution to this, make your own.

Easy-to-Make Necklace

Find out how easy it is to make at The Lovely Drawer.

Have you made your own accessory before? Use colored threads according to your preference. Learn more about making your own jewelries with the help of this book and this tool kit to get you started.

Jewelry Making Tool Kit