Adorable Baby Bunny Crochet Outfit

Are you looking for a new crochet project for your baby? Since Easter is approaching, let’s make something themed. If you are having an Easter Egg hunt party, then you should try making a special animal outfit… a cute little bunny rabbit.

Adorable Baby Bunny Crochet Outfit

Get full pattern at All ABout Ami.

It would be so cute. Are you still new to crocheting? Get this crochet book to learn about the basics. Or, you can learn through an online class.

Crochet One-Skein Wonders

DIY Dramatic Bow Cape

Women love fashion and we can’t help but drool over those runway couture collection when we see them. But we all know that branded clothes are too pricey. Hey, you can always look fab and chic when you want to at a cheaper price. Make your own. Look at how dramatic this bow cape it. And, you can definitely sew one.

DIY Dramatic Bow Cape

Get full details at Riva la Diva.

Have you tried sewing your own dress? Improve your skills with this sewing book. Or you can learn more through an online sewing class.

Couture Sewing Techniques

Easy, Last Minute St Patrick’s Day Accessory

It’s almost St. Patrick’s Day and for sure, you will be attending a party or two. Whether you want to be lucky or just to have fun! Hey, there might be a street parade and party in your area. And you’d only want to look and dress appropriately. This includes wearing the right accessories as well. Here’s a festive and easy-to-do bracelets that you can make and wear just in time for the celebration.

Easy Last Minute St Patrick’s Day Accessory

Learn how at Bumblebreeblog.

White, yellow, and green fabrics made into bracelets are just too cute. Use baker’s twine and made a whole bunch of them for you and your friends.

Emerald Green Yarn

Cute and Easy Embroidered Wrist Watch

Do some of your accessories look sad and old already? Maybe you are a bit sentimental and you don’t want to throw them away yet. There are always ways that you can reuse them by giving them a new look. Here’s one idea that we totally love.

Cute and Easy Embroidered Wrist Watch

Visit Pearls and Scissors for more.

That is so creative, right? With simple materials, you’ll be giving your watch a new life. We love the embroidery detail on it. Read this book to learn more about it and this kit to get you started.

Mary Thomas's Dictionary of Embroidery Stitches