Stitch Knitted Winter Hat

A beanie that you can wear in this cold winter weather. Oh that would be comfortably warm. And comfortable doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice fashion as well. You can be fashionably comfortable with a knitted hat you made yourself.

Stitch Knitted Winter Hat

Visit Lady by the Bay.

Knitting can be a lot of fun! Just make sure that you have the right needles and yarns for the job. This book is a great place to start leaning.

Cozy Knits: 50 Fast & Easy Projects from Top Designers

Newborn Baby Wrap – Crochet Pattern

Newborn photo shoot are one of the most in-demand photo sessions today. If you are planning to have one with your ne bundle of joy, you can make it more special and more stunning with a baby wrap. It’s a nice prop to use and creates beautiful effects on yor photos.

Newborn Baby Wrap - Crochet Pattern

Full pattern at Lee Lee Knits.

The trick is finding the right yarn and needle hook. Do you know how to knit? You can get started easily with this book or enroll in an online class.

Susan Bates Red Heart Crystallites Acrylic Crochet Hook Set

Online Knitting Class

Sewing a Velvet Fabric Easily

Are you ready for your New Year’s eve party? If you haven’t bought an outfit yet, you can still make one for yourself. One of the benefits is that you can avoid the long line at the malls during this season, plus, you can save a lot of money. You might find yourself owning a yard of velvet fabric but doesn’t know how to sew them. Yes, it can be a bit of a challenge working with it but it can be done.

Sewing a Velvet Fabric Easily

Learn how at The Sewing Rabbit.

If sewn properly, velvet can look stunning. And with the right color, it can be the perfect outfit for New Year’s Eve party.

Do you want to start learning how to sew? Get this book as a guide or enroll in an online sewing class to get started easily.

The Sewing Book An Encyclopedic Resource of Step-by-Step Techniques

Online Sewing Class

New Year’s Eve DIY Star Crown

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. Wow. Christmas has passed and now we are moving along to New Year!

If you are having some people over, or if you are going to a party to welcome the New Year, celebrate it with a bang! Here’s a little sparkly DIY that you do to celebrate the year ahead. It would be so much fun making it and a lot more fun wearing it.

New Year’s Eve DIY Star Crown

Learn how at The House That Lars Built.

We love silver and sparkly. For sure you already have some glitters, glue, silver spray paint, and a headband. Make different crowns for you and your friends and celebrate the New Year with a sparkle.

What are you plans for New Year?

Stampendous Glass Glitter