Chic Way to Upcycle Long Sleeve Shirt

Are you ready for Valentine’s Day? Whether you are going with your special someone or spend it with your gal friends, make sure you look fab and classy. But if you can’t find a new outfit to wear, you don’t have y a new one. You can always recycle some old ones that you have and make a new one out of it. Just like this long sleeves turned into off-shoulders. How chic!

Chic Way to Upcycle Long Sleeves

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Do you know how to sew? It’s not as hard and scary as you think. You can start by reading this book and this sewing kit. It can really be handy knowing the basics of sewing.

One-Yard Wonders 101 Sewing Fabric Projects

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Easy Rhinestone Hair Clips DIY

When you got nowhere to go because you’re stuck inside your home because of the snowpocalypse or because you just don’t have any plans at all, your hands and mind will for something to do. So, you can get crafting. You can start with some fun accessories. Just like this cute rhinestone hair lips.

Easy Rhinestone Hair Clips DIY

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Have you tried making your own accessories? Making use of rhinestones to your hair clips can really be a lot of fun! They’re so attractive and colorful! Have fun crafting!

Forever In Time Gemstone Embellishments

Easy “Plush Knit Bag” Pattern

When you are a girl, you know you need to coordinate your outfit. We can empathize when you can’t find a bag that goes with your favorite dress. But buying every time something doesn’t fit your taste can be so pricey. So what can you do? Make your own.

Easy Plush Knit Bag Pattern

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Knitting can be so much fun! And it’ll be more fun after you’ve finished your creation. You can start with something easy to work with, like a chunky yarn and large needles.

Super Chunky Yarn

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DIY Blanket Scarf

When the cold is getting unbearable, you have to make sure that you are fully covered and warm when step outside of your home. Wear a lot of clothes, gloves, ear muffs, and of course, scarves. Lots and lots of scarves. And while you are wearing winter clothes, you can be fashionable and in style too. ANd you don’t have to pay a lot to achieve this.

DIY Blanket Scarf

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Clothing your own outfit can be a lot of fun. You can make you own unique design and pay less for it. You can get started with the help of this book or you can always enroll in an online class.

The Sewing Book An Encyclopedic Resource of Step-by-Step Techniques