DIY Cute Necklaces

If you love fashion, then you know how important it is to accessorize. But who could cope up with all of these trends that can easily break your bank? To save money, what you can do is look for do-it-yourself crafts. You could make some one-of-a-kind pieces! How exciting is that? Just like these accessories that we just adore.

DIY Cute Necklaces

Go to Kingston Crafts.

Making your own accessories is not only fun, you can turn it into a small business too. They are the perfect gift for your girlfriends or even co-workers. You just have to be creative and you must have the right tools, of course. If you need more inspirations, you can check out this book for more detailed instructions on how to get started. Have fun.

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Pom Pom Clutch DIY

Okay, I think you all could agree that pompom crafts are all so adorable. Whether you like making them on your own or using a pompom maker, you can’t deny that they are so fun to make. You can make rugs, wall decor, keychain, and many more kids’ activities with them. If you are wondering what else you can make with these babies, how about making your own accessories. Like your own pompom clutch.

Pom Pom Clutch DIY

Instructions at A Kailo Chic Life.

You are missing a lot when you haven’t tried making pompom crafts. Think of all the things you can do! If you don’t have a pompom maker, you can use a carton box or use your hands. Either way, you’ll surely have a good time crafting. Enjoy!

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Hand Knitted Scarf DIY

Arm knitted scarf! Yes, please. Even though you haven’t had much experience with knitting, it is something that beginners can easily do.

You might be hesitant of starting because you think you might not be able to finish it on time. You can always start with something simple. This scarf tutorial can eb done with a little bit of time.

Hand Knitted Scarf DIY

Go to Nelle Creations.

The only thing you need for this craft? A chunky yarn! You can choose a color that you want and the type of fabric. You don’t need needles for this as you only need your hand.

If you want to learn more about knitting, we suggest you get this book for beginners. This one book is for hand knitting. Have fun!

Knitting Without Needles

Perfect Winter Accessory – Body Chain

During this winter season, it’s difficult to be all fashionable and trendy when you are all covered up. Sure you can have the cutest scarf or beanie, but sometimes, a girl would just love to accessorize. Don’t let this cold weather stop you. You can still put on some jewelry. You just have to find the one the goes with your winter outfit. Just like this cool body chain.

Perfect Winter Accessory - Body Chain

Learn how it is made at Gloria Fort.

Have you tried making your own jewelry? It is so much fun and you can personalize your own! Get a kit right now and you can ensure that you have the accessories that you need anytime of the year! Have fun!

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