Easy No-Sew Felt Flowers

Felt is a great material to work with when you are crafting. It is inexpensive, it’s versatile, it gives you dimension and width, and it comes in a wide variety of colors. So just think about the things that you can do with it. If you are looking for an easy craft to do this weekend, maybe it preparation for Mother’s Day or an upcoming event, felt flowers would be a wonderful idea. Check this out.

Easy No-Sew Felt Flowers

Go to Smiling Colors.

These felt flowers are so easy to make. There’s no sewing required. You just have to glue them in place. And they will never wilt or die. They’re perfect for decorating your table or as a little present to your mom.

Have fun crafting!

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DIY St. Patrick’s Day Paper Fan Wreath

You don’t have to be an Irish to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. Gather your friends, wear all green, and enjoy some good ol’ Irish beer. You can enjoy in an Irish pub or have a party in your own home. Of course, you don’t want to disappoint your guests. Throw a party that they won’t forget. You can start with your decorations. A festive wall wreath on your door to greet them when they arrive.

DIY St. Patrick's Day Paper Fan Wreath

Check out Design Improvised.

What we love about this craft is it can be redesigned to whatever party or celebration. Paper crafts sure are fun and there are a lot more fun paper stuff you can do. Make it a weekend or spare time project with the kids. Have a fun!

Paper Craft

DIY Wall Art

It’s 2017. You might be late about embracing the New Year but hey, it’s always a good time for some change. To maybe try something different. New things have this tendency to give us a new perspective. For our home, it offers a new ambiance, to be able to help you be more inspired. To start, maybe you can give that wall a new paint job.

DIY Wall Art

Check out monsterscircus.

There are a lot of things you can do to decorate your wall. Put that creativity into good use and make your own wall decor or crafts. You’ll never know how easy it is to do paint your wall until you tried. Have fun!

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Re-purposed Holiday Decor Idea

The holiday is over and now you have to take down your Christmas tree and you have all of these Christmas decorations lying around. But maybe you have realized that your place would be empty without these decorations. Well, maybe you don’t have to put them all in the storage. You can pick a few that can stay in your living room. How to make them not look so festive now that the holiday season is over? Here’s a nifty little trick.

Re-purposed Holiday Decor Idea

Go to Over the Apple Tree.

Those reindeer are good for something other than Christmas decor, right? A little spray paint is just what you need to re-purpose them. Who will think that it was a holiday decor when you’re done with your deer head? Have fun crafting!

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