How to Make Hanging Teacup Candles

We love the idea of teacup candles. Those old yet lovely china pieces sitting in the cabinet given some love again is just too good to pass up. Using your old vintage teacups and turning them into candle teacups will make them beautiful. It would be more charming if we could not only use to decorate the top of our table as centerpieces but we can hang it somewhere as well.

How to Make Hanging Teacup Candles

Learn how to make this masterpiece at The Perfect Pear.

This DIY craft is so easy to make. Use these hanging teacup candles to light up your garden or porch at night to give it a nice ambiance. If you want to start the art of candle making, this book will teach you the basics.

Candle Making


Easy and Charming DIY Teacup Cake Topper

You won’t run out of things that you can do with an old or spare teacup. If you want to experiment and be a little craftier, you can make a teacup cake topper. That would really be lovely, right? You can make anyone’s wedding cake more interesting and unique. Hey, not just weddings but any other kind of occasion in fact. It’s a great conversation starter once it has caught the eyes of a keen observer.

Easy and Charming DIY Teacup Cake Topper

Make your own topper with this tutorial at The Ardent Sparrow.

There are a lot of craft that you can do with teacups you are not using anymore. Cake topper is a brilliant and lovely idea.

Lovely China Teacups

Homemade Gift Idea – Teacup Candles

Are you one of those who are into vintage teacups? Then you might probably have a few that have lost their saucers. What to do with them? Make a teacup candles of course. They can make a lovely gift or a decor and it’s quite inexpensive too.

Homemade Gift Idea - Teacup Candles

Follow this easy tutorial at The Sassy Life.

Have you ever tried making a teacup candle? It’s very easy to do. If you don’t own a teacup, you will surely find at a thrift store.


Lovely Teacup Flower Arrangements

How to make use of some of your old teacups? Try creating teacup flower arrangement with it. It would add a charming detail on your table or any corner of your home. So grab those lovely flowers in your garden and make your humble abode lovelier… 😉

Lovely Teacup Flower Arrangements

Make your own charming creation with this tutorial at Valley & Co. Lifestyle.

If you have old vintage teacups or those that have lost their saucers, don’t throw them away. They can still make a nice decor or great party centerpieces.

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