Halloween Paper Straw Bats DIY

And so it has begun. We are starting to see Halloween crafts and DIYs everywhere. Well, there’s nothing wrong with planning ahead. A good party is all about learning what you want to do, planning for it, and carrying your plan out. You can go all out scary this Halloween or make it a little silly. You can start with your bats display. Here’s one DIY that are cute and super fun to make.

Halloween Paper Straw Bats DIY

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We love that this craft uses paper straws. The result is just so adorable. With some glue, cardboard, twine, and wiggly eyes, you can whip this out in minutes. And you can use this idea for some other occasions too. Have fun crafting!

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Washi Tape Holder DIY

Are up for some organizing crafts? Here is one easy DIY you can do for your washi tapes.

We know that you can never just have one of these cute washi tapes. There are just too many lovely designs that you ‘must-have’. The next thing you know, you have them occupying most of your tables, or just about lying everywhere. Yes, they are cute but a mess is still a mess. So, here is an idea to keep them all in one place with materials you might already have.

Washi Tape Holder DIY

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There are really a lot of things that you can do with polymer clay. You can keep your washi tapes by stacking those using wooden dowels. Be careful when using the drill. Aside from that, this is a pretty easy DIY. Have fun crafting!

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Autumn Craft – Pumpkin Golf

While there are those who still don’t want summer to end, there are those who can’t wait for autumn. Who can blame them? There are a lot of things to look forward to during fall. Some prefers colder weather and beautiful color of autumn leaves. Produce that are only available during fall season. There are also Halloween and, of course, pumpkins! Carving pumpkins to be displayed in your porch is one of most family’s traditions every year. If you are one of those who are like us who can’t wait for it, get started on pumpkin carving right now. Here’s one that you could try.

Autumn Craft - Pumpkin Golf

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It doesn’t have to be fall or Halloween for you to enjoy pumpkin carving. And playing golf with it is such a fun idea. After it, you can still reuse the pumpkin as a decor. Have fun crafting!

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DIY Whimsical Yarn Display

Knitting and crocheting sure are a lot of fun! You know what’s even more fun for crafters? Colleting these colorful yarns of different varieties. Yeah, we know exactly the feeling. You just can’t help it, right? The next thing you know, you already have more than you can count and nowhere to put them. What you can do is organize your yarn collection. Here’s an idea that we surely love!

DIY Whimsical Yarn Display

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We just love how easy accessible the yarns are when you hang them in a pegboard. It also creates a whimsical effect in your home. Hooking the felt up there sure is a fun way to prevent a yarn mess. Just be careful when you do your drilling or when you are using any tools for that matter. Have fun crafting!

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