DIY Decorative Shells

You might be like us who love to gather seashells when we go to the beach and then take them home. The kids just gather and gather what they like. We are not quite sure what to do with them but we just love to have them. So rather than just placing them on your table, reinvent them and make them even more decorative. They are not just decor because they are perfect place to put your jewelries as well.

DIY Decorative Shells

Find out how at Bumblebreeblog.

Are you excited to make one of these? These oyster shells painted with copper are lovely right? Tell us about your finished craft!

Liquid Gilding Copper

Easy Marbled Tealight Candle Holders

Candles make a really nice addition to any room and in any part of the house. It’s versatile as a home decor, especially tea ligt candles. We love it because it can also work as a favor or a wonderful gift. Tealight candles are already pretty on their own. But you can make them more charming by adding a marbled tealight candle holder. Easy Marbled Tealight Candle Holders

Learn how to make it at Make and Tell.

It’s quite easy right? We just love that you just need polymer clays and a cookie cutter to make this craft.

tealight candles

DIY Paper Succulents

Do you want to take your paper flower crafts to the next level? Make paper succulents? Why not? They are perfect for those who would love to own succulent plants but doesn’t have the time to take care of it. No need to water it and you can put it in your working desk or as a decor near your window.

DIY Paper Succulents

Read the tutorial at Bly The Ponytail Parades.

Do you prefer real succulents or would you like to give this paper one a try? Either way, get your pots and moss, and start planting (or crafting)… Have fun!

preserved moss

DIY Washi Tape Magnets

These washi tapes are just too adorable, don’t you think? We can think of a dozens of way that we can make use of it. They would definitely go lovely with some of our crafting projects. They can add so much fun to any household utensils, decor, containers, art, and many more. One interesting thing we found craft using this material is washi tape magnets. So cute!

DIY Washi Tape Magnets

Read more about it at My Poppet.

Have you made any craft using washi tapes? We are confident you are going to have so much fun doing it! Oh and if you can’t find any magnet sheets, here’s a link. Enjoy!

Washi Tapes