DIY Hanging Planter

We all love to look at that green corner where there is a hanging plant. It gives something refreshing. There is always an alternative to buying it from a store. Make them and customize it to the size of your current flower pots.

DIY Hanging Planter

Learn how at The Lovely Drawer.

We are loving polymer clay more and more. It’s so versatile. Add some rope and you’ll have a rustic and charming hanging planter.

Niceroker Colorful 32pcs DIY Malleable Fimo Polymer Modelling Soft Clay Blocks Plasticine

DIY Foil Candles Decor

Crafting is all about personalizing your stuff, recreating something simple, and making unique items. Turn plain white candles into a stunning creation, a nice decor on your coffee table or a centerpiece on a wedding table or any event.

DIY Foil Candles

Visit A Pumpkin and A Princess.

With some foil and applicator, you can achieve gorgeous and detailed foil effects that would make a lovely decor in any event. Go ahead and try it out.

Minc Paper Pad

DIY Succulents Terrarium

Are you into succulents? Maybe you want to add some life on your office table. It would look nicely on your coffee table as well. A little green in a room is always welcome. Here’s one way to make and design your own.

DIY Succulents Terrarium

Visit Transient Expression for details.

Making use of colored sand gives the succulent a charming effect. Find the right vase from your local craft store and have fun!

Tall Glass Square Vase

Easy-Sew Pretzel Pillow

In love with pretzels? Take them to your living room. Even though National Pretzel Day had already passed, it doesn’t mean you can’t have pretzel pillows. Hey, they’re too cute and adorable we could hug them all day.

Easy-Sew Pretzel Pillow

Go to Studio DIY for the details.

This craft is so easy to sew. You don’t need to have advance sewing skills to make it. If you need help, read this book to learn more or enroll in an online class.

One-Yard Wonders

Online Sewing Class