Seashell Hanging Decor DIY

It’s fun going to the beach to swim and get some tan. But it’s fun not just for these things. One more thing we love going to the sea is to collect those nice seashells. This task is so relaxing we sometimes end up with a bucket full of them. And then you go home not knowing what to do with those seashells. If you have more than enough in your home, you can turn it into a nice decor.

Seashell Hanging Decor DIY

Learn how at Homemade by Camora.

While you are by the sea, make sure you also bring that piece of drift food. Ready your twine to string the seashells up, scissor, glue gun and get crafting. Have fun!

Norpro 942 Cotton Twine

Lovely Paper Flowers DIY

Planning a party, wedding, or any event can really be stressful. There are a lot of things to think about and a lot of things to do. If you are in charge of the decoration, paper flowers can make your event lovelier. A wall of flowers, a bouquet, or even just a wreath for your door. It’s really a fun craft to try and it’s easy to learn.

Lovely Paper Flowers DIY

Details at Craft Ideas.

Paper flowers are definitely cheaper than using real ones. Plan ahead to help you save a lot of money. Ready your colored craft papers and scissors with decorative edges. Stick them together with hot glue.

Want to learn more paper crafts? Get this book or learn thru an online class. Have fun crafting.

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Chic Watercolor Throw Pillows DIY

Tie-dye or shibori throw pillows are so much the trend right now. You might see this craft all over your Pinterest feed. They surely add something unique and cozy to your home. You know in your heart that it’s only a matter of time before you do something similar. If you have nothing planned for the weekend, here’s a fun new take on throw pillows DIY.

Chic Watercolor Throw Pillows DIY

Visit A Kailo Chic Life.

We love the tie dye but the effect made by watercolor is so light and chic and beautiful. It’s really interesting what you could come up with. Do you love these throw pillows too? Have fun!

Artist's Loft Fundamentals Watercolor Pan Set

Online Sewing Class

DIY Cute Clock Makeover

Minimalism is beauty in its simplicity. But sometimes, you need a pop of color too or else it gets too boring. So if you feel like decorating something today or do a little crafting, here an easy project that you can try. Take a clock that needs a little makeover and personalized it according to what your creativity can make.

DIY Cute Clock Makeover

Go to Trim Craft for the Instructions.

We love washi tapes! Who doesn’t? They come in an array of cute designs. Choose those that suit your taste. If you want to change the clock numbers, you can use stickers. Have fun crafting!

The Marsians Washi Tape Set of 12

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