Easy Ghost Cake Toppers

We still have a couple weeks before the Halloween and that means you can do some crafts for your party. You can easily squeeze projects in between your free time to make your Halloween party perfect. In case you can’t find the time, here’s a craft that you can whip up easily. It would make a nice topper to your cake or decoration around your home.

Easy Ghost Cake Toppers

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If you are thinking of using this as topper, you’ll need clean skewers, cotton balls, and twine. And if you plan to put this around your house to enhance that spooky mood, you can recycle some old materials instead.

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Pac-Man Halloween Costume Idea for Kids

You can feel it in the air and everywhere. Holidays are coming, starting with Halloween! Have you thought of an awesome Halloween costume yet? Go with the classic. You can try this Pac-Man themed costume that you can make for your kids or for the entire family.

Pac-Man Halloween Costume Idea for Kids

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You can definitely whip this up easily. And take this opportunity to create wonderful and fun memories, starting with making these costumes. Recycle cardboard boxes and take out glue sticks, duct tape, box cutter, and paint. And let’s have some fun!

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Decoupage Halloween Pumpkin

Pumpkin season is here. And pumpkin carving during Halloween is such a fun thing to do. But if you are one of those who want to skip using gourd for Halloween because of safety reasons for your kids, there are always a safer alternative.

Decoupage Halloween Pumpkin

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You can still have your pumpkin fun but with a safer process. Plus, you get to recycle scrap and old papers from gifts. Now all you need are some paint and decoupage formula. Have fun!

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Halloween Snack – Monster Eyeballs

Halloween is just s couple of weeks away. If you can’t find the time to prepare for your party, there are ways that you can still throw an awesome and Halloween themed party with less effort. Just like this mini monster eyeballs snack that can be put together easily.

Halloween Snack - Monster Eyeballs

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You don’t have to make it all from scratch. You can easily buy the donuts, gummy rings, and M&Ms and assemble them easily. Have a fun Halloween!

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