Checkerboard Stitch Knitted Cowl

We love fall as much as you do. This means apples, pumpkins, autumn leaves. This also means chilly weather. Thus, you need a scarf to keep yourself warm. Knit one or two for yourself and your little one. If you are looking for a pattern, here’s one:

Checkerboard Stitch Knitted Cowl

Visit Lee Lee Knits for the pattern.

It’s so simple yet lovely. This is a perfect knitting pattern for beginners and expert knitters alike. Want to learn more? Get this book or enroll in an online class to learn how to knit faster.

Knitting in Plain English The Only Book Any Knitter Will Ever Need

Online Knitting Class

Recycing Your Favorite Candle

We all have our own favorite candle and even though it is almost burnt out, we don’t want to let it go. Or maybe you still have candles that don’t burn completely and you haven’t thrown them away yet. Well, you can recycle them and can make use or every drop.

Recycing Your Favorite Candle

Check out Always Rooney.

Have you made your own candle before? IT can be a lot of fun! You can experiment with this candle making kit and use essential oils to recreate the scent that you love or make your own.

CandleScience Soy Candle Making Kit

Easy Kids Halloween Costume Idea – Baby Bat Costume

Not all of us have the time to make costumes for Halloween. But we all know what it is one of the children’s favorite holiday so you don’t want to leave them disappointment that they can’t participate or that they don’t have an awesome costume. If you don’t have the time, you can still pull off making a costume for your little one that is so easy to make.

Easy Kids Halloween Costume Idea - Baby Bat Costume

Get Instructions at Mer Mag.

See? This costume is too cute and it only takes minutes to make. For sure you they have some black outfit. Add some black cardboard wings and ears and he or she is good to go. Happy Halloween!

Baby Bat Costume

Declutter with Bathroom Storage Bins

Whether you have a small apartment or living in a spacious home, you can’t help but see all the clutters around the house, especially when you have kids. One way to lessen the mess inside your lovely abode is to make sure that everything has its own space. You can start with the stuff you have in your bathroom. Toilet papers, towels, and other accessories can be stores in their own storage bins.

Declutter with Bathroom Storage Bins

Instruction at Love Tell and Party.

They don’t only look lovely but it’s so easy in the eyes that your bathroom can look tidy. With some acrylic paint, paint brush, Mod Podge, you can turn plain-looking storage bins into something colorful and fun!

Tubtrugs SP42BL 10.5-Gallon Storage Bucket