Transform Old Tin Cans into Gorgeous Outdoor Lighting

We hate waste. And we hate throwing things away that can still be recycled. Your old paint tin cans that have already gone dry, milk cans, and others tin cans that you can find in your garage or kitchen can be transformed into a beautiful and rustic outdoor lighting. They can be perfect in your porch or balcony. And it’s not as hard as you think.

Transform Old Tin Cans into Outdoor Lighting

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Get your outdoor rated pendant lighting kits wiring, switches, romex wiring, hooks, and other tools to get you started. It’s a nice project if you want to spend some lazy night outside or are entertaining guests in your backyard.

Ansen Tools AN-219 Eye Bolt and Eye Hook Assortment

Cardboard Beads Statement Necklace

For sure, you also have this memory as a kid where you used to make paper beads and string them up together. We then make a decor out of it or a curtain. It was so much fun. Well, you can still do it even when you’re all grown up. Not as decor but as a fashion accessory.

Cardboard Beads Statement Necklace

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Have you tried making paper beads? You can get so creative and it can be so much fun! There are a lot of paper crafts that you can do. Read this book or thru an online class.

Paper Crafts

Chrsitmas Hot Chocolate With Floats

Christmas always offers a lot of wonderful and warm memories. Christmas always means family, sweet treats, cozy blanket, and warm cup of chocolate drink near the fireplace. But you don’t have to wait until the Christmas day to enjoy that. You can whip up that special drink at any time and put the recipe on another level.

Chrsitmas Hot Chocolate With Floats

Recipe at An Italian in My Kitchen.

What are your family’s Christmas traditional recipes? Whipped cream always makes it a whole lot better.

Taste of Home Christmas

Crochet Christmas Stocking

When you are doing your home decorating for Christmas, don’t forget to put the stockings as well. Hang those stockings up not just as decor but maybe for candies and small gifts for Christmas. If you don’t have socks big enough, make one. Or two. Or more. If would be a lovely craft to do during your free time.

Crochet Christmas Stocking

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Do you love to crochet? If you are a beginner, this book might be a lot of help. Make sure you have all the hooks that you need. Have fun!

A to Z of Crochet The Ultimate Guide for the Beginner to Advanced Crocheter

Online Crochet Class