Homemade Harvest Moon Soaking Salts

Work stress, long weekends, late nights, home errands, and more. We are sometimes all too busy with these things that we as much as we try to keep our skin care routine, we just don’t have the time. But when you feel like your skin is so full of impurities already, take a break and take care of yourself. If your schedule is free this weekend, pamper yourself by preparing a nice warm bath with the help of a soaking bath salt for a nice skin detox.

Homemade Harvest Moon Soaking Salts

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Everyone needs time to take a breather and just relax. Even at your own home. Most especially at your own home. And there’s really no need to go to the spa and spend hundreds of dollars on it. You can make your own soaking bath soak yourself and take a long bath as long and as often as you like. The trick is adding activated charcoal and essential oils to really feel that clean and impurity-free skin. Trust us, you will feel fresh and glowing afterwards.

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Last-Minute Halloween Masks DIY

Some of us might have already celebrated Halloween over the weekend. But if your neighborhood are following the tradition and will have it tomorrow, October 31st, you still have enough time to prepare. Yes, you can still prepare for a fun last-minute scavenger hunt, do some decoration, quick food recipes, and easy-to-make Halloween costume. It’s all about the details. Here’s an idea to give your costume that needed finishing touches… Halloween masks.

Last-Minute Halloween Masks DIY

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We love every opportunity to use cardboard papers. Some of you might also be guilty of hoarding them. *aheem* You can get creative by adding glitters or paint and just have fun! This is what Halloween should be. So have fun crafting!

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Spooky Skull Rocks – Easy Halloween Crafts for Kids

It’s the weekend before Halloween! For sure, you are probably no plans for a weekend getaway and will spend it making costumes, preparing for the decorations, and thinking about spooky-themed food to make for your party. You don’t have to do these alone. Let your kids help you out. Give them something to do and they’ll appreciate the party even more. This craft is easy enough for your children to keep their hands busy.

Spooky Skull Rocks - Easy Halloween Crafts for Kids

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The materials for these are so easy to find. If you are a crafter, you probably already have acrylic paint. Go to your backyard and look for smooth rocks. Give your kids markers and let them get creative, as spooky as they can. Don’t forget the sealer, too. Happy Halloween and have fun crafting!

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DIY Halloween Ghost Piñata

Throwing a Halloween party can be daunting sometimes. All the planning takes a lot of effort. You need to think about the food and make it fit the theme. And then there’s also the decoration. It might be interesting enough or it could end up boring enough. But if you know where to look, the right idea that requires less effort can be a sure hit. Just take a look at this cute ghost piñata. If you haven’t tried adding piñata before to your Halloween decor, you sure are missing a lot.

DIY Halloween Ghost Piñata

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This Halloween ghost piñata DIY is a good way to make use of your old cardboard boxes. Spray paint and tissue paper will do their job of covering it white. Be careful when using hot glue and X-Acto knife. And of course, don’t forget to fill it up with Halloween candy treats. This will not only look festive but it is a fun activity for everyone, too. Have fun crafting!

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