DIY – Yeezy Sock Boots For Less

There’s no need to buy one of those branded, over-priced boots to stay fashionable this winter. You can keep yourself warm and save at the same time. You may not realize it but you already have what you need to get that “in” look. You just have to know what to do and it’s super easy!

DIY - Yeezy Sock Boots For Less

Check out Nelle Creations.

You may or may not love Kanye. You may or may not love his Yeezy collection but you may be one of those who love to follow the trend. And you can easily do so without breaking the bank with this little neat trick with just socks.

TeeHee Women's Fashion Over the Knee High Socks - 3 Pair Combo

Stool Makeover DIY

You might have noticed your stool looking pretty poorly lately. They might be old or have seen better days, but all they need is a little face lift. And you won’t have to go far for the things they need. Take a look inside your closet. You might find some old stuff there that is perfect to make your stool look new!
Stool Makeover DIY

Check out Upcycle That.

Is this your first time trying upholstery? You are missing a lot. Think of all the things you can do yourself instead of paying someone hundreds of dollars for it or buying new furniture? Check this book to get the basics. And don’t forget some tools too. Have fun!

Dritz 9050 Light Duty Staple Gun

Re-purposed Holiday Decor Idea

The holiday is over and now you have to take down your Christmas tree and you have all of these Christmas decorations lying around. But maybe you have realized that your place would be empty without these decorations. Well, maybe you don’t have to put them all in the storage. You can pick a few that can stay in your living room. How to make them not look so festive now that the holiday season is over? Here’s a nifty little trick.

Re-purposed Holiday Decor Idea

Go to Over the Apple Tree.

Those reindeer are good for something other than Christmas decor, right? A little spray paint is just what you need to re-purpose them. Who will think that it was a holiday decor when you’re done with your deer head? Have fun crafting!

Rust-Oleum 249115 Painter's Touch Multi Purpose Spray Paint, 12-Ounce

Lovely Strawberries & Champagne Solid Sugar Scrub

Looking a nice gift? Maybe for Valentine’s Day or someone’s birthday is coming up. Or you might know a couple who are getting hitched soon. Maybe you’re tying the knot yourself. Do you know what would be a nice present or wedding favor? Sugar body scrub!

It is not only so much fun to make, it is even more rewarding because you know that it will actually be used.

Lovely Strawberries & Champagne Solid Sugar Scrub

Full Instructions at Soap Deli News.

Have you tried making your own sugar scrub? It is quite easy. Of course you can always change strawberries and champagne to any scent that you want. Have fun crafting!

Strawberry Champagne Fragrance Oil