Homemade Grapefruit Facial Scrub

Are you having some problems with your skin? With this winter weather, your skin could easily get dull and dry. Of course there are some store products that are easily accessible. But remember, are you sure there are safe for you? If you are meticulous about what you are using and would prefer to use products that you know wouldn’t be more harmful, why not try making your own?

Homemade Grapefruit Facial Scrub

Learn how at Happy Mothering.

Making your own means you can choose your own scent with essential oils. Add the sugar and your skin will have its much needed scrub to remove those dead skin and impurities. Have fun!

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Hand Knitted Scarf DIY

Arm knitted scarf! Yes, please. Even though you haven’t had much experience with knitting, it is something that beginners can easily do.

You might be hesitant of starting because you think you might not be able to finish it on time. You can always start with something simple. This scarf tutorial can eb done with a little bit of time.

Hand Knitted Scarf DIY

Go to Nelle Creations.

The only thing you need for this craft? A chunky yarn! You can choose a color that you want and the type of fabric. You don’t need needles for this as you only need your hand.

If you want to learn more about knitting, we suggest you get this book for beginners. This one book is for hand knitting. Have fun!

Knitting Without Needles

Perfect Winter Accessory – Body Chain

During this winter season, it’s difficult to be all fashionable and trendy when you are all covered up. Sure you can have the cutest scarf or beanie, but sometimes, a girl would just love to accessorize. Don’t let this cold weather stop you. You can still put on some jewelry. You just have to find the one the goes with your winter outfit. Just like this cool body chain.

Perfect Winter Accessory - Body Chain

Learn how it is made at Gloria Fort.

Have you tried making your own jewelry? It is so much fun and you can personalize your own! Get a kit right now and you can ensure that you have the accessories that you need anytime of the year! Have fun!

Wisehands Jewelry Making Tools Kit, 16 Jewelry Making Tools, Black Zippered Case

Homemade Mineral Clay Eyeshadow

Ladies (most of us) love their eyeshadows. Some of us who are particular about what we are using love to do a little research first before buying our products. We want to make sure that we are getting the most out of our money. It should be within our budget and must be safe for our skin too. But sometimes, when you think you already grabbed the right one, you find out it’s not the right shade for you. One thing that you can do to make sure you have the right palette is to make your own. You have no idea how easy it is.


Learn how at Hello Glow.

We love that the ingredients are all natural. Clay, starch, Almond oil, cocoa powder, cinnamon. You can find them all in your kitchen. How fun it would be to make. And don’t forget to share them with your friends too.

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