How to Sew Baby Leggings

When you have children, you’ll know that kids outgrow their clothes fast. Before you know it, their shirts and pants don’t fit them anymore. What can a parent do than buy new clothes for them? Well, you can’t deny though that they can get really hard on your budget. If you are a smart and thrifty mom who knows her sewing, you can make your children their clothes and save a lot of money. Take a look at these awesome leggings.

How to Sew Baby Leggings

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The things you can do when you know how to sew. Find the perfect fabric for your little one. If you are just starting to sew, maybe you can do more with the help of this book.

First Time Sewing The Absolute Beginner's Guide

Knitted Cowl for Your Furry Valentine

Are you celebrating Valentine’s Day with someone special? Maybe you’ll have a furry Valentine. It would be so much fun! You might feel warm and fuzzy inside looking forward to that day but it might get a little colder because it’s winter season. Make sure that you are comfortable that day with your beloved dog. How? By keeping him warm with a cowl.

Harry Potter Knit Patterns

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Knitting is such a fun hobby. Think of all the things you can make with those needles for yourself, friends, family, and look, even your furry friend. Learn how to get started with the help of this book.

Knitters Pride DREAMZ Deluxe Interchangeable Needle Set

Yummy Valentine’s Day Chocolate Hearts DIY

Valentine’s Day is coming. Don’t just treat your special someone. Make a Valentine’s Day surprise treat for your family, friends, and colleagues. It is just a few days away so we want something that can be done without a sweat and don’t cost a lot, too. Now wouldn’t that be a lovely craft to do? You might like this sweet treat below that is just perfect for this occasion.

Yummy Valentine's Day Chocolate Hearts DIY

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Who doesn’t love Oreos. Coat them with chocolate topped with heart details and you’ve have something extra special for the people you love.

SpinningLeaf Layered Heart Sandwich Cookie Mold

Easy-to-Make Marble Drip Cake

Baking a cake for your dear ones is the best treat. Nothing says you love them than giving them something you whipped up with your own two hands.

Of course, we only want it to be delicious and pretty too. You might have seen one of those cakes on Pinterest that just looks divine. So shiny and pretty and marbled. And you can do it, too. Take a look at how easy it is.

Easy-to-Make Marble Drip Cake

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Whether you are using an already cake recipe mix or your family-secret recipe, you can easily make your cake look stunning with the drip technique after you’ve placed your fondant. Don’t be intimidated. Try it.

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