Adorable Plush Kitties Mobile DIY

Is there a new baby in the house or maybe a close friend is expecting? A baby mobile is an essential thing to add to the nursery. It is a fun way to stimulate and also entertain the baby. This would definitely make a wonderful gift. What would make it even more personal and special is if you make it yourself? You would be proud to give it as a present and you would be even more proud if you are giving it to your child. Want to learn how? Check out these adorable plush kittens mobile.

Adorable Plush Kitties Mobile DIY

Instructions at Squirrelly Minds.

Wool felt balls + plushy kitties with a touch of felt clouds are so adorable. Way better and more affordable than your store-bought mobile. It is also practical and can be customized to the theme of the nursery. This would definitely make the perfect weekend project. Have fun crafting!

Sax Wrinkle Free Decorator Felt

DIY St. Patrick’s Day Paper Fan Wreath

You don’t have to be an Irish to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. Gather your friends, wear all green, and enjoy some good ol’ Irish beer. You can enjoy in an Irish pub or have a party in your own home. Of course, you don’t want to disappoint your guests. Throw a party that they won’t forget. You can start with your decorations. A festive wall wreath on your door to greet them when they arrive.

DIY St. Patrick's Day Paper Fan Wreath

Check out Design Improvised.

What we love about this craft is it can be redesigned to whatever party or celebration. Paper crafts sure are fun and there are a lot more fun paper stuff you can do. Make it a weekend or spare time project with the kids. Have a fun!

Paper Craft

Super Chic Crepe Paper Necklace – DIY

Just when you wouldn’t have thought about using paper to for your accessories, you couldn’t be more wrong. Having a couple of jewelries is so handy when you need something to grab that goes well with your #ootd. So what would be more neat than making your own accessories that looks good with what you’re wearing? This way, you are certain that you have what you need for that perfect and stylish outfit of the day. Learn how it is made on the blog link below.

Super Chic Crepe Paper Necklace - DIY

Visit The House That Lars Built.

You can make your own accessories just all you like with this book. And this crepe paper material being used makes a stunning effect. Try it. Make sure you have the tools, too. Have fun crafting.

Beadalon 7-Piece Tool Kit Zip Pouch

Chic Plates Makeover DIY

Are you looking for an inexpensive way to update your tablewares? You might think that they already need a makeover. You can already see some dirt, cracks on the ceramic coating, or they already start to look yellow instead of white. Well, there is definitely something you can do about it without having to worry about how much you’ll spend. Just like how Kara did her plates. It looks beautiful just in time for your next home gathering.

Chic Plates Makeover DIY

Visit A Kailo Chic Life.

Remember, you don’t need a new set of plates for this. Although, you might find some simple plates in the dollar store or garage sale, it is your opportunity to turn these tableware into something new without having to spend a lot. Choose your favorite paint color and get shellac sealant. Finish it up with a gold riming and you’ll have them good (or even better) as new.

Lifver 8-inch Porcelain Decorative Rims Lunch