Cute Removable Shoe Charm DIY

Now that the weather is actually warmer and nicer, it’s time to be as colorful as you can. Be your own ray of sunshine anywhere you go. Wear that summer dress you bought last winter because it was on sale. And with it, a nice pair of stunning shoes. Not new ones. If you think your old shoes are outdated, just give them a little makeover. Here’s a handy idea how.

Cute Removable Shoe Charm DIY

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The idea that it’s removable is fantastic. The tassels are just so colorful and eye-catching! The pompoms are a lovely additional detail. Make sure you have your handy dandy sewing kit for the job. It’s really easy. A simple proof that there is no need to buy new things for a new look. They just a need a little TLC. Have fun crafting.

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Rope Tote Bag DIY

Any mom, or just about all women, could relate, we all need a big bag that could carry all our things. Not just our things. The baby stuff too. We all need that bag that we could wear to the beach or to the grocery store but without having to look so outdated. And you can without spending a lot of money. How? By making it yourself, of course. Just take a look at this simply charming.

Rope Tote Bag DIY

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Amazing, huh? And it’s made of rope! You would be proud to strut it when doing your grocery shopping or when you are having a nice day out with friends. It’s so spacious too. The paint makes a stunning finishing touch. Or you can use a colored rope. Have a fun time crafting.

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Homemade Bath Bombs Recipe – Mother’s Day Gift Idea

This Sunday, think about your mom. Think about all the moms, your friends, colleagues, and family. You know too well how hard they work. Give them a reason to spend some time to just relax and de-stress, even at the comfort of their own home. This Mother’s Day, make homemade bath bombs as a gift.

Homemade Bath Bombs Recipe - Mother's Day Gift Idea

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Bath bombs make a good Mother’s Day gift. A homemade one makes it even more special. It’s fun making a batch of these and you can save money too if you are planning on giving them to a number of your friends.

Charm Fons Metal Bath Bomb Mold - DIY

Thrift Dress Makeover DIY

We love going through thrift stores. If you only have the patience to look, there are a lot of gems in there. The secret is before going in, you should have an idea of what is it that you want or else, with so many deals, you’ll end up spending more than you first intended.

With your unique finds that look a little bit dated, no worries. With a few ingenious tricks, you can make it look trendy, fashionable, and worth a hundred bucks.

Thrift Dress Makeover DIY

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Learning basic sewing skills can indeed go a long way. You can get this book if you are just a beginner. And make sure you have the kit needed as well. Have fun crafting!

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