Messy Hair Don’t Care Statement Shirt

#messyhairdontcare. It is one of the most common hashtags used on Instagram. It is also becoming popular as a fashion statement. But instead of spending money on it, you can just make one. Turn your old, plain shirt into a fashion statement and you can have your own reason to use this hashtag on your IG account.

Messy Hair Don’t Care Statement Shirt

Learn how to make this cute design at Lil’ Mrs. Tori.

If you’re looking for a reason to use #messyhairdontcare hashtag, why not this? All you need it a plain shirt and vinyl, and you’re ready to make a statement along with your photos on your social networking accounts. If you don’t have a hook, you can get one right here.

Silhouette Hook





Summer Thing To Do – Pom Pom Bird Craft

Now that it’s almost summertime, we are looking for a creative project that we can do around the house. A colorful and fancy decoration perhaps? A pom pom bird craft that you and the kids can make and be able to hang the finish product for everyone to see is a wonderful idea.

Pom Pom Bird Craft

See the full tutorial at MollyMoo Crafts.

Crafting is indeed a bonding moment to a mother and her children. Spend more time together creating crafts. If you need some tips, you can get this book to answer the questions you might have. Now, you can start with some simple beading bracelet or necklace designs with this beading kit.

Beading Basics Kit

Spring Outdoor Decorating Idea – Rustic Outdoor Chandelier DIY

I just love spending more time sitting outside, especially during dusk and at night. Who doesn’t? Now that it’s spring, I can finally start decorating our patio. If you have a porch or garden, you can create a serene ambiance by hanging a rustic outdoor chandelier. This would make anyone’s home lovelier, more so during the night.

Spring Outdoor Decorating Idea - Rustic Outdoor Chandelier DIY

Read the full details at Crafts Unleashed to make your own homemade chandelier.

Do you have all the needed supplies at hand? You can use some tealight candles to illuminate your place more. You can also opt for battery-operated candles so you won’t have to worry about fire issues. Put these inside a lantern and hang them and you got look that you want.

Spring Outdoor Decorating - Rustic Outdoor Chandelier DIY

Baby Shower Idea – DYI Decorative Pillow

I love going to baby showers. What I love more is throwing one for a friend or a relative. It’s an opportunity to get creative and be artsy-craftsy. You might be celebrating a baby shower soon and you’re looking for some ideas to decorate the venue. You can create a pillow to add more fun to the baby shower theme as a decoration or a favor.

Baby Shower Idea - DYI Decorative Pillow
Check out how to create this lovely pillow at Believe & Inspire.

If you don’t have the time to create it from scratch, you can buy throw pillows, think of a pattern, and just start decorating it. But maybe, you just started sewing and want to try your skill on it, this sewing book that has a complete guide might help you out.

The Sewing Book