Lovely Teacup Flower Arrangements

How to make use of some of your old teacups? Try creating teacup flower arrangement with it. It would add a charming detail on your table or any corner of your home. So grab those lovely flowers in your garden and make your humble abode lovelier… 😉

Lovely Teacup Flower Arrangements

Make your own charming creation with this tutorial at Valley & Co. Lifestyle.

If you have old vintage teacups or those that have lost their saucers, don’t throw them away. They can still make a nice decor or great party centerpieces.

Vintage Teacups

Crock Pot Coconut Hot Chocolate

Sipping an oh-so-good cup of hot chocolate, sharing it with the kids, and feeling so satisfied afterwards because it tastes so perfect. It would be an ideal drink for family bonding moment during game night or a nice little camping activity in your backyard. If you’re like me and my family who loves a hot cup of chocolate, then you’ll surely love this recipe. The best part is, you can make this using your crock pot.

Crock Pot Coconut Hot Chocolate

Learn how to make this at How Sweet It Is.

This would make a lovely treat for the kids after dinner. Complete this drink by adding their favorite marshmallows and enjoy. Or you can start making your own homemade marshmallow using this easy-to-follow book.

Marshmallow Madness


TeaCup Tray – An Afternoon Tea Idea

Time for your afternoon tea? Turn it into a lovely one with a do-it-yourself teacup tray. If you have extra teacups and plates to spare, make a tray for your yummy biscuits and finger sandwiches. It will surely make your table look appealing and you’ll definitely get some compliments if you have some friends over.

TeaCup Tray - An Afternoon Tea Idea

Learn this easy process at CLAD&CLOTH.

Teacup tray would make a nice table decoration to any party you are hosting. So if you have old teacups and plates that you are not using anymore, this is one good reason to get them out of your storage. Pair it with this lovely book and your afternoon couldn’t be more perfect.

The Vintage Teacup Club

Outdoor Succulent Planter Project

Are you into succulent plants? Count us in! We are fond of having a little succulent garden in our front porch or by the window. It gives the eyes something cool to look at.

You don’t have to purchase new pots because here are a lot of old materials that you can use to plant your own succulent plants. One thing we have stumbled upon and we totally adore is this one that is made from a candle holder. How charming, right?

Outdoor Succulent Planter Project

Read about how to make one at Cherished Bliss.

We can’t wait to hear about your own finished project. If you don’t have old candle holders, you can always get small plastic containers. Or, you can get serious about growing your succulent garden with the help of this book.

Succulents Simplified