Star Spangled Spritzer Cocktail

Do you want to keep it light and easy on the Fourth of July? No fancy party and just spending the day on your backyard alone or maybe with a few of your friends? You can celebrate with this easy-to-make Star Spangled Spritzer cocktail. We just love the color! How festive!

Star Spangled Spritzer Cocktail

Make your own drink with the recipe at:
Celebrating Everyday Life

Mixing your own drink? Get a hold of this shaker set.

Cocktail Martini Shaker Set

Patriotic Red Velvet Ice Cream Cake

We just celebrated Father’s Day and now we are looking forward to another celebration… The Fourth of July. We just love to seize every opportunity we have to celebrate with our family and friends… And to cook. Red velvet cake is one of the kids’ favorite, and of course, the adults’ too. We have stumbled upon this recipe that will make it yummier. A red velvet ice cream cake.

Patriotic Red Velvet Ice Cream Cake

Find the recipe at Life, Love and Sugar.

Yum! It looks so festive and it surely tastes good too. We can’t wait to make our own cake. Need help with your dessert? This book might help. Or you can make your own ice cream with this ice cream maker.

Frozen Yogurt, Ice Cream and Sorbet Maker

DIY Fabric Flower

The summer season offers a lot of inspiration for an avid crafter. For one thing, there are flowers of different colors everywhere. If you are looking for an idea or motivation to incorporate this to your craft, you can make a fabric flower. This can be a perfect embellishment to a sewing project you are working on.

DIY Fabric Flowers

Learn how to make it at:
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What we love about this craft, aside from the fact that it is indeed super cute, is that it doesn’t require you to purchase new materials. You can make use of your scrap fabric and other things that you already have in your craft cabinet. Use the perfect button and the result would really be lovely.

Colorful Fabric

DIY Patriotic Ribbon Wand

Leave the cooking, barbecue, and beers to the adults this Fourth of July. As for the kids, it would be ideal to plan some activities for them to do. Most of the time, they will likely be running around playing with other kids. So, to make their games more fun, make them a patriotic ribbon wand. It will make their activities more interesting and it will add color and nice ambiance to the celebration.

DIY Patriotic Ribbon Wand

Interested to make this craft? Visit Mad in Crafts.

Plan ahead to make preparations for the Fourth of July. You still have a lot of time! With some spray paints and ribbons, you’ll make the perfect craft for this day.

Patriotic Color Ribbons