DIY Loom Rubber-Band Friendship Bracelets

Loom bands are so hot these days, especially with the kids! They are so fun and colorful. It’s really a nice accessory to wear this summer. Get them in matching colors with your close friends (that’s why they’re called friendship bracelets, duh!). You can simply make them using your fingers. Enjoy making your own loom bands!

DIY Finger Loom Rubber-Band Friendship Bracelets

Visit Seven-Alive to learn how.

Excited to start looming? Get your rubber bands and make one (or more!) for your friends and family.

Loom Bands

DIY Citronella Candles – Shoo Those Mosquitoes Away

We know you love summer as much as we do. The sun, the beach (even the scorching heat!), the outdoor activity, and backyard fun! But unfortunately, this is also means mosquitoes. I mean, can’t we enjoy our backyard night camping, with s’mores on hand, in peace? Urgh! And we hate bug sprays too. So when you tried everything and it didn’t work out for you, make your own citronella candles to shoo those pests away.

DIY Citronella Candles - Shoo Those Mosquitoes Away

Learn how at Cherished Bliss.

Have you tried making your own scented candles? Read how to get started with the help of this book. This beginner’s kit will have everything you need.

Candle Making Kit

Homemade Berries & Yogurt Popsicles

Did you have a good Fourth of July weekend? We are confident you did. We had a great holiday weekend too! The kids had so much fun. (It’s obvious since we haven’t posted anything these past few days.) It’s good to have that summer vacation. Speaking of which, it’s summer! We are expecting more time under the sun so they would definitely want to cool off after an activity. What would be a better way to do that than popsicles? And of course, we will do it homemade style. 😉 We found this mouth-watering recipe.

 Homemade Berries & Yogurt Popsicles

Get the recipe at The Merrythought.

Excited to make your own popsicles for the next two months? Ask the kids to help you out. Let them pour the ingredients in to the popsicle mold for you. It would be fun!

Popsicle Mold

Online Bread Making Class

Homemade Soy Candles

We all love that amazing smell from candles that welcomes you when you enter your home or any particular room in your house. It’s that familiar smell that we all look forward to that just relaxes us after a day’s work. Somehow, it’s a soothing aroma that releases the stress we are feeling. Rather than buying, you can make a say candle with the fragrance of your choice.

Homemade Soy Candles

Read the process at Oh Everything Handmade.

Have you tried making your own candle? You can make it for yourself or as a gift. You can start with this kit or you can learn the basics with the help of this book.

Natural Soy Wax Candle Making Kit