Printed Bowls Craft

Don’t you just love it when you have something girly and cute to put your jewelry and accessories? Rather than using an old shoe box or your drawer (where you put everything else), you can make a special place for them. For sure you have some plain rice bowl hidden somewhere in your kitchen. It’s time to get them out of the cabinet and start crafting.

Printed Bowls Craft

Read the full instructions at The Lovely Drawer.

You can use your lovely masterpiece to put pins, spare coins, watches, or any small pieces. It would make a lovely gift as well.

If you can’t find these bowls on your local thrift store, you can get them here along with ceramic paint.

ceramic paint

DIY Cute Decora Hairpins

We love all things that are cute and we also love food. It would be nice to combine both and make food-themed accessories… Something cure that you can wear that will make everyone else think that you really are food of eating. After all, accessorizing and our preferences show our individuality. You can show yours with this adorable (and yummy) hair pins.

DIY Decora Cute Hairpins

Full tutorial is at Minted Strawberry Too.

Need a mod podge collage clay, click here. And you can find polymer clay here. Be creative and have fun!

polymer clay

DIY Clay Mosaic Pendant

We love fashionable accessories yet are so simple. Accessories that can be worn casually when you go to the mall or meet up with friends for a good cup of tea. Lately, we are fond of playing with polymer clay because of its versatility. As we are looking for inspiration, we came across this lovely creation. A Mackintosh inspired clay mosaic pendant that is so simple yet it makes a statement.

DIY Clay Mosaic Pendant

Find the full tutorial at Emusing Emma.

Are you excited to make your own? Get a polymer clay, mosaic pieces, and start making your own jewelry pieces.

White Polymer Clay

Cute and Easy Macrame Plant Hangers

When you are tired of just placing your succulent or any small plants in your patio, on top of your table, or by the window, what would you do? Don’t throw them away or re-pot them. You can still make them beautiful by making a macramé plant hanger. It adds a homey feeling to your humble abode. This would make a lovely craft this summer because it’s so easy to do.

Cute and Easy Macrame Plant Hangers

Learn how to make it at Almost Makes Perfect.

Aren’t they lovely? Love your succulents more with a little help from some ropes and wood beads.

wood beads