Transform A Thermos Into A Lovely Lamp

I’ve always wondered what to do with an old or broken thermos. As always, I’m reluctant to throw it away since there must be something I could do to repurpose it. I’m on a mission to give it a new life and turn it into something beautiful. One brilliant idea I have came across with is making it into a lamp.

Transform A Thermos Into A Lovely Lamp

Learn the process at House of Hawthornes.

Have you found any thermos in a yard sale? Next time you do, you can pick it up and create something wonderful out of it. Get your own lamp kit and rubber grommet and start crafting.

Lamp Kit


Try This on Labor Day – BBQ Chicken “Pizza”

Are you thinking of cooking something special and amazing for the Labor Day weekend? Something familiar yet something new? During this holiday, you just look forward to the smell of BBQ, chicken, pizza, and grilled dishes. Why not all of these in one recipe? Just the thought of it is just mouthwatering.

Try This on Labor Day - BBQ Chicken Pizza
Full recipe is at The Cozy Apron.

Looking forward to making this scrumptious recipe? You can learn how to make the perfect pizza at home with this online class. Or you can get this book to help you out.

Pizza Recipe

Simple and Easy Cedar Pallet Succulent Planter

There’s this deep satisfaction in growing succulent plants. To those who have the interest, they can greatly relate to this. You just want to grab your materials or go to your local hardware store and make your own planter. If you are looking for ideas, here’s simple succulent planter project that you can do in just a few hours.

Simple and Easy Cedar Pallet Succulent Planter

Find out how at Dream A Little Bigger.

Have you been meaning to make one of these? This succulent recipe book can help you put together a beautiful arrangement. Or you can enroll in this online class to know more about gardening.

Succulent Plant Recipe Book


Old Chair Makeover Idea

Are you looking for ways to makeover your child’s plain chair, or any type of chair for that matter? It would be nice if it complements the design of the room where you are planning to put it. Or maybe you just want to reinvent and old chair. Here’s a nice little idea that we have stumbled upon.

Old Chair Makeover Idea

Read the full tutorial at Madigan Made.

We love the technique that was used here. And you can do it to. Just look for the image that you want, get your Mod Podge, wax paper, and other tools, and you’ll have a nice new chair.

Mod Podge Photo Transfer