DIY Rainbow Fish Craft

Who doesn’t love the adventures of the Rainbow Fish? We just love how his scales sparkles when we read and go through his stories. But don’t just read it. Make it more interesting by using props while you’re telling the story. Make a rainbow fish prop craft.

DIY Rainbow Fish Craft

Find out how at One Artsy Mama.

Do you own any books from the Rainbow Fish series? The kids would surely love him. It would be fun to have a crafting activity with this theme as well. For sure, you will need a lot of glitter glues. Have fun!

The Rainbow Fish Series

Back-to-School: Stitched Notebook Covers DIY

It’s back-to-school time again. Are you happy with all those school supplies you have purchased for your kids? If that crafty person inside you has kicked in, you can make their notebooks more interesting and personalized. You can stitch their covers with striking designs. Get the kids to help you out for fun!

Back-to-School Stitched Notebooks DIY

Learn the process at How Did You Make This.

Stitching is fun right? You can learn more about stitching with this book.

Modern Hand Stitching

Easy Leather Necklace DIY

If we can’t find a specific item that we like, sometimes, we end up making them. Well, maybe you are just looking for a new accessory inspiration that you can wear to a nice day out or while you g out shopping. Have you tried/worn a leather cord necklace before?

Easy Leather Necklace DIY

Learn how at My White Idea DIY.

We just love projects that only need few materials. It’s so easy to make too. Have you made your own accessories before? Get this tool kit to help you get started. You can also read this book or enroll in an online class.

Jewelry Tool Kit

Online Jewelry Making Classes

Make Your Own Organic Lip Balm

There’s no question that lipsticks are chic and sexy. But there are those who prefer to use lip balm instead. It is something that you can it every day and anywhere. It’s beneficial for the lips and we just love its smell. If you want to use one that if free of harmful chemicals, you can make your own organic lip balm.

Make Your Own Organic Lip Balm

Find out how at Lia Griffith.

Have you tried making your own lip balm? A homemade one ensures that there are no yucky chemicals that are used in the process. You can make one using this kit and read this free ebook to guide you.

Premium Lip Balm Kit