Have Fun with Halloween Monster Cupcakes

Honestly, one of the things we look forward to during Halloween is the food! The creepier and more creative it is, the better. Just like what they say, it’s all about presentation. If you are serving cupcakes, take it up a notch and make monsters cupcakes. It’s a bit funny to see your guests take a second look first before they eat them. Hey, they’re creepy and cute at the same time.

Have Fun with Halloween Monster Cupcakes

Learn how it is made at Sweet C Designs.

It would be really fun to make with your kids. So get your Halloween decorating kit. Also, you can enroll in a cupcake decorating class if you want to improve your skills.

Halloween Candy Decorating Kit

DIY Easy Batty Hairpins

Need a accessory to go with your costume this Halloween? We found this hairpin tutorial that is so easy to make and doesn’t cost a lot as well. And since Halloween is already in the air (everybody’s sewing and trying their costumes, Halloween decorations everywhere), you can wear this accessory even for a nice day out.

DIY Easy Batty Hairpins

Learn how to make it at A Nest for All Seasons.

Making use of plastic bat rings are so creative! Excited to make your own Halloween accessory? You can start with jewelry kit or get an online class to help you get started.

Plastic Bat Rings

Online Jewelry Making Classes

Recycled Golf Ball – Halloween Bat

Not sure what to do with your old golf balls? Maybe you have an avid golfer in your home and you have these extra golf balls. Well, it’s time to take them out from your storage and use them as a decor this Halloween. You have no idea what cute crafts and ideas that can be done to these balls.

Recycled Golf Ball - Halloween Bat

Read the instructions at Craft Klatch.

What’s cool is you can re-use these golf balls for other occasions or events. And don’t forget your googly eyes to make them all look cute.

Practice Golf Balls


Halloween DIY – Creepy Human Skin Bookmarks

Although we have remarkable gadgets that makes information available anywhere and reading a book more readily available, there are still some of us who prefers to read an actual book. Holding it in our hands, smelling that scent of a newly-bought book (or an old one), and flipping through the pages is what makes it more interesting. Now, being old-school reader also means using a bookmark. And since it’s Halloween what more could be fitting than a creepy bookmark?

Halloween DIY - Creepy Human Skin Bookmarks

Learn how it is made at Muslin and Merlot.

With your parchment paper and shopping bags, you can make this craft easily. Even if you don’t want to go to a party, you can still celebrate Halloween in your own way. But if you are having a party, you can use this for décor as well.

Kirkland Parchment Paper