Recycled Halloween Candy Containers

Recycle and repurpose. That’s what we would like to hear when we are crafting. As much as we want, we don’t want to spend much when we do our project, right? Just like for our preparation for the upcoming Halloween! Use and old or empty containers as baskets for your decor and candy containers.

Recycled Halloween Candy Containers

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Is you have any carton from buying a bucket of chicken, don’t throw it away. Recycle it to have a place where you can put your candies. Or use some cardboard and take out your paint and make it work. 😉

Halloween Ceramic Candy Bowl

Halloween Kids Activity – Typographic Glitter Tattoos

Having a Halloween party is sure a lot of fun! You get to prepare some real nice food, decorate creepy stuff, and plan enjoyable activities for kids. One interesting craft you can do is make a tattoo booth. And since children love sparkly stuff, you can have a glitter tattoo booth!

Halloween Kids Activity - Typographic Glitter Tattoos

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You can get your glitter tattoo kit here and let the kids tattooed before they head out to go trick or treating.

Halloween glitter tattoo kit

Magic Foaming Spiders Halloween Activity

Kids love playing with bubbles or any creamy stuff. Have you seen them play with shaving cream?! Well, you can let them have fun and have a sensory play activity with foam. This would also be a nice little Halloween-themes activity that you can so with your children! It will be so much fun!

Magic Foaming Spiders Halloween Activity

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These foaming spiders look creepy fun, right? You know that trick with your baking soda and vinegar. Add some color and have a good time!

Creepy Halloween Spider

Super Quick and Easy Halloween Costume Idea – Where’s Waldo

Need a quick Halloween costume idea for your infant, toddler, teen or even for an adult? Here’s something that you can do in just less than an hour. Where’s Waldo?! And we just love it. We love it even more that only a few materials are needed. This will definitely save you a lot of time, especially when you have a lot on your mind.

Super Quick and Easy Halloween Costume Idea - Where's Waldo

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It’s so fun what you can do with a fleece and glasses.

Red Fleece