Homemade Pineapple Candles

We know. We know… Summer is officially almost over. Children are back to school, the weather is starting to get cold, and you can already start to see pumpkin crafts and recipes everywhere. But if you are not yet ready to let go of summer, you can least make your home feel or smell like one. These pineapple candles will do the job.

Homemade Pineapple Candles

Full tutorial at Happiness is Homemade.

No matter what season it is, this candle will make you think of pineapple fields and that sweet, juicy fruit goodness that you enjoy so much during summer season.

These pineapple candles are easy to make. They make lovely party favors or a gift idea. And you can make your own, too. You can get a candle-making kit that has already everything you need to get started. Most probably, it doesn’t include a fragrance or essential oil though so you have to get a pineapple scented one. Finish it up with green felt for that cute pineapple detail. Have fun crafting!

Palm Wax Candle Making Kit

Crochet Cowled Sweater Vest

If you’re tired of spending money trying to keep up with all the fall and winter fashion, crocheting your own outfit is the best option. You get to create your own design, you are guaranteed that it fits you well, and you get to save money. You remain warm while still looking fashionable. Here’s one crochet sweater vest pattern that you can do that will help your chilly season seem appealing.

Crochet Cowled Sweater Vest

Visit Mama in a Stitch.

This is a fun hobby that you can do as you prepare for the cold days ahead. And imagine all the fun things you can do as well like scarf, beanies, cowl, mittens and much more! If you are looking for more patterns, we suggest this crochet book. Ready your crochet needles, and yarns and start crafting! Have fun!

LIHAO 22pcs Mixed Aluminum Handle Crochet Hooks Knitting Knit Needles Weave Yarn Set

Back-to-School Craft – Back Pack Makeover

Going back to school, we know how excited kids can be seeing their old classmates again and meeting new friends. Some kids want to stand out when they go back among the crowd. Maybe yours need convincing to make their new school year exciting. Here’s one way to do so. Make their plain back pack into something more!

Back-to-School Craft - Back Pack Makeover

Learn how at The Craft Blog.

These cute creations are the perfect back-to-school crafts. And we are already thinking that they would look good too during Halloween! There so much you can do with this idea using just felt and glue! It’s so silly and we are so loving it. Give it a try.

Have fun crafting!

Life Glow DIY Polyester Soft Felt Fabric Squares Sheets

Easy-to-Make Emoji Candy Pops

The Emoji movie has just been released and maybe you’ve watched it with your family. You may or may not have liked it but you can’t deny that some of those emojis are too cute and, admit it, they make really good theme for a party. Now this craft we found is perfect when you are throwing one or even when you just want to have some fun activity to do with your kids.

Easy-to-Make Emoji Candy Pops

Check out The Decorated Cookie.

These pops are too adorable! They are so easy to do too with just candy melts, piping bags, and of course, silicone lollipop mold. I can already imagine all the emojis that you create. It would definitely be sure hit for the kids, the process of making them and eating these emojis. Have fun crafting!

Crystallove 12-Capacity Silicone Mold