Felt Posies DIY

Making an impact in your home doesn’t need a lot of effort. It’s all about choosing a DESIGN that catches the attention of the eyes. For any white space, empty table, or corner, you can make sunny posies. We love the idea that it wouldn’t wither for quite a while.

Felt Posies DIY

Learn how to make it at Eryn with a Y.

It’s so simple yet striking. Minimalists would love this craft. It needs few materials too… felt balls, wire and needles. And, it can be done in a few minutes.

Dimensions Needlecrafts Feltworks Bright Ball Assortment

Earth Month Craft – Recyled Glass Jar

April is Earth Month! Let’s celebrate it by recycling to help create a cleaner and greener environment. Of course, you have to start in your home. Rather than buying new household items, you can always rescue those old and dusty things lurking in the corner. For sure, you have kept old bottles or glass jars in your storage. Take them out and make use of them.

Earth Month Craft - Recyled Glass Jar
Be inspired. Visit A Bubbly Life.

You can never really go wrong with metallic and gold washi tapes. They’re so classy. 😉

We R Memory Keepers We R Metallic Washi Tape

DIY Accessories Holder

If you have a lot of jewelries and accessories, you’d only want to put them on one place. But not in a jewelry box please. Your long and beaded necklaces and bracelets would surely get all up on each other. It’s really annoying to spend some time untangling them right before you head out. So, for all of your accessories, a hanging organizer would be perfect.

DIY Accessories Holder
Learn more at Hawthorne and Main.

This is so creative. On the other hand, have you tried making your own jewelry? You can be creative and it would be fun to make your own designs. Get this kit and this book to get you started.

Jewelry Basics Class In A Box Kit

DIY Miniature Wall Art

Our home is a reflection of us. What we put as decorations is an extension of our personality, our choices, of who we are. It’s our way or showing to the world our interest and what we love. If you are fascinated with a certain hobby or part time, display it on your wall. Just like this cute wall art.
DIY Miniature Wall Art

Visit Crafts Unleashed for the details.

We love how it turns out, including the wooden craft stick background. It’s so shabby chic. Find a specific miniature object that you like. Paint it and be creative.

Miniature Needle Painting Embroidery