Watering Plants While Away

It’s nice to look forward to a summer vacation. It’s a nice to relax and let go and so some place you haven’t been before. But hold that amazing thought. Before you pack your bags and leave, what about your garden? Who’s gonna take care of your flowers. Even it’s just “a” flower pot, you can’t just leave it to dry when you are going away for a long time. Here’s an idea that you can try.

Watering Plants While Away

Visit Julie Blanner for the details.

Genius, right? Now you won’t have to worry about your plants using your recycled wine bottles you surely already have. On the other hand, if you feel like having a staycation, read more about gardening and read this book.

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Mouthwatering Turkey Burgers Recipe

Still thinking about what to serve your man, father, or brother this Sunday? Nothing beats a good ol’ burger. But not those fast food kind. Capture their heart and fill their bellies with homemade burgers.

Mouthwatering Turkey Burgers Recipe

Get this yummy recipe at Crockpot Gourmet.

Learn more about barbecue recipes with this book and make Father’s Day weekend more special.

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Sewing Project – Baby Bonnet

Fond of Little House on the Prairie? Here’s a dainty bonnet for your little one. It’s cute and it’s so easy to make. It’s a nice accessory that you could let them wear for pictorials, costume party, or simply for nice day out.

Sewing Project - Baby Bonnet

Learn how at Simple Simon and Company

Isn’t it cute? It’s also a simple sewing project if you are just getting started. Learn more with this book or get an online class. Have fun!

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Father’s Day Gift Idea – DIY Tie Rack

Do you want a more personalized gift for Father’s Day? Nothing makes it more special than making the gift yourself. If you are looking for an idea, here’s one that is just perfect for to make his everyday life of going to work easier… a rustic tie rack.

Father's Day Gift Idea - DIY Tie Rack

Full instructions at Craftaholics Anonymous.

Got some old wood board at home? Paint it and give it some new love. A good old fashion nails and some sand paper… Make your daddy, husband, or brother proud.

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