Coconut Oil and Sea Salt Face Cleansing Scrub

Coconut oil and sea salt cleansing face scrub

I love making my own homemade facial scrubs and beauty products. It’s usually much cheaper, with much more indulgent ingredients, than you can get in the store. This recipe uses pink sea salt which adds a lovely color without any artificial additives. Love that!

See the recipe at Lia Griffith.

coconut oil organic

You can get coconut oil from Amazon – I like the Wilderness Family Naturals brand of expeller-pressed, organic oil which I buy in this bulk size.

Gold Chevron Paint Technique With Shape Tape Shortcut

DIY Gold Chevron and Diamond Painted End Table

Oh this is smart. I love these tricky looking chevron and white diamond paint patterns but it looks complicated. It’s the type of project I pin with a chuckle thinking, “Yeah, that’ll never happen.” But then I read the rest of the post…love that tape that makes it easier to make the designs. Whew!

See the full tutorial at Carolyn’s Homework.